smartICETM The 1st Step of Personal Preparedness

EMS Options, LLC teamed up with ICE4SAFETY because of their expertise in promoting the ICE concept and the recognition of their International ICE trademark.

All of the smart-ICE applications are endorsed by the founder of the original “ICE- In Case of Emergency” concept, UK paramedic Bob Brotchie.

EMS Options thanks ICE4Safety and Bob Brotchie for allowing us to be positioned in such a way, that our smartICETM applications will be recognized by emergency personnel worldwide!

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ICE advanced to the next level!

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smartICETM for iPhone’s & iPods!

smartICE …..ICE taken to the next level!

ICE is a straightforward and effective concept that simply consists of putting the letters “ICE” in front of your cell phones contacts, that you want first responders to call in an emergency.

Example: ICE Mom (999-999-9999)

smartICETM takes this concept to whole new level, using smart-phone technology to store all of your medical information in an intuitive application…… eliminating the time consuming call, before life saving treatment can begin.

smartICETM Features

  • Alert Feature dials 911 when activated and alerts EMS if you pass out.
  • Audio Record Critical Messages to EMS that will play when opened.
  • E-mail your complete medical record to your doctor or family.
  • Quickview displays it all for easy access by EMS personnel.
  • Stores problems, meds, allergies, hospitalizations, surgeries, medical history, immunizations & more.

…Also for families

  • smartICETM 4family is also available and stores up to (8) profiles.
  • Always complete and Carry a card or Emergency Medical Info Form with you for redundancy!
  • Check out our “PINK” applications on iTunes called ICE4me and ICE4family.
  • Tell your friends, family & local first responders about ICE (In Case of Emergency) and the smart-ICE applications!